Ways to Serve!

We are so thankful that you are interested in serving both the body of Cornerstone and the community of Casper! Check out some of the options below and talk to the designated serve coordinators to learn where you can serve along other like-minded believers! 


Time Commitment: Low

Rescue Mission

Time Commitment: Low-Medium

Youth Ministry

Time Commitment: High

Other Ways to Serve!

Children's Ministry

Time Commitment: Low-High 

Positions: Teaching, Assisting, 

Worship Ministry

Time Commitment: Med-High

Positions: Sound, Tech, Instruments, Vocals, Creative Arts.

Hospitality Team

Time Commitment: Low

Positions: Meal Prep, Event Prep, Cleaning

Time Commitment: Low-Med

Positions: Teaching, Games, Evangelism

Fellowship Christian Athletes

Time Commitment: Low-Med (Seasonal) 

Positions: Coaching, Bible Study Leadership, Teaching, Encouraging, Discipleship

Camp on the Mountain

Time Commitment: Med (Seasonal)

Positions: Rec, Food Prep, Music, Drama, Child Care


Time Commitment: Low 

Positions: Food Prep, Food Delivery


Time Commitment: Med-High

Positions: Games, Listening, Administration

Interested in Serving? Let us know!

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