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Denny Strawser

Elder/shepherd group leader

Contact Information:

My Story: I was introduced to the gospel in Good News Club & Sunday School at age 7 and gave my life to Christ at that time. I was taught from that early age the imperative nature of church ministry. My wife Lois & I came to Cornerstone in search of an expository preaching/teaching ministry with a diversified church ministy program. In the fall of 2013 I became a shepherd leader & T-Group leader; in the fall of 2014 I began teaching adult Sunday School. I am also a "listener" for AWANA and male attendant/assistant for a CEF club. Getting involved in local church ministry is simply understanding your personal spiritual gifts/abilitiles and making one's self available.

My Hope for Cornerstone is First that Cornerstone would continue to be a proactive fellowship in the areas of (1)discipleship/jmentoring (2) gospel proclamation (3) and "missions centered".

Favorite Hobby: Traveling with my wife; discussing theology and airplanes.