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Pastor Jack's Sabbatical Update #5

Greetings from warm Tucson! Our temperature last week was in the 90's, but it does cool down nicely in the evenings. I was able to make some good progress on my third chapter describing the leadership mentoring process I initiated last September. Thanks for praying and keep praying that I will finish that third chapter this week.
I was studying and meditating on Nehemiah 5 this week. It is a great chapter about God using unselfish and exemplary leaders. When the poor were being oppressed, God enabled Nehemiah to speak out against the oppressors. His words silenced the wrongdoers because he himself was helping the poor and not taking advantage of his privileges as governor. When Nehemiah says, "Remember me with favor O Lord" in v. 19 he is not asking for special treatment. He is reminding himself and affirming to God that he is doing his work for Him, and he expects no applause or rewards from any man. His desire is to please God, and no one else. I want that to be my desire as well.
We went up to Casa Grande on Saturday and enjoyed a delightful afternoon with the Bradley's. On Sunday we celebrated Christ's resurrection at a bi-lingual Easter sunrise service on a small peak west of Tucson. It was not as cold as Casper but was still chilly early in the morning. (See attached pictures). We served in the nursery during the Easter service at the chapel on base then were renewed and energized with the music and message at Christ Community Church. In the evening Lauryn hosted some friends who attend their Bible study and along with the liaison officer and his family from the Chilean Air Force who is working here for two years. We had a delightful conversation.
It sounds like your Holy Week services went well also. Thanks for praying as we pray for you all!