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Pastor Jack's Sabbatical Update #8

Eight weeks down and four to go! Week eight had some interesting twists and turns again for us. The great news is our son Barnabas made it home safely on Friday! See picture below. The other great news is that I am finished writing! I still have to add my attachments, the abstract, and the table of contents. So God enabled me to make my faith goal from last week. We started home on Saturday from Tucson. We had great weather all the way to Denver where we are currently.

We worshiped Sunday at Red Rocks church in Arvada. It was a great but unusual experience. The pastor had a great message on "Called but confused" from Exodus 14 and the auditorium was packed. They are doing a great work reaching people for Christ. We drove to Greeley to visit my aunt whose husband passed away a month ago. We had a good visit with her. On Monday we drove back down to Denver and we had just arrived at Linda's Mom's house when it started hailing. Our van was damaged with numerous dents and a broken windshield from golf ball+ sized hail. See picture below. We were also going to watch the Cubs-Rockies game which was hailed out, so we are staying over one more day to see the game Tuesday night.

Last week I studied Nehemiah 9. It is one of the great prayers recorded in Nehemiah and one of the greatest in the Bible. It is one of the best summaries of the history of Israel that we have. It comes right after they had spent about 3 hours reading God's Word then 3 hours in confession and worship (v. 1-3). It is a record of God's faithfulness in spite of man's unfaithfulness. He fed them physically with manna from heaven and spiritually with His Word. It is a record of the Israelite's habitual sin, and God's unending love and forgiveness. One of the saddest verses is v. 36 where they confess their enslavement in the land that God had freed them from slavery to possess. How frequently I find myself still enslaved by the sin Jesus died to free me from. Praise God for His grace and compassion, being slow to anger and rich in love! (v.17)

I am returning to Casper on Wednesday. Linda will return on Friday after spending a few days with her Mom. Pray that all the work may be finished and the first rough draft sent to my mentors by the end of this week. Thanks and our prayers for all of you as well.