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Helping kids Fight Sin

This chapter is called the "The War on Sin and Bad Songs" because of a young man who came to the author, Jack, to talk about listening to what he called bad songs. If you read this chapter, he explains the exchanges that were had about how to fight sin with the right understanding of Jesus and himself. One quote that sums up his counsel is this, "Fighting sin was the right idea. His problem was that his war with sin felt to him like a war with God. He know he should be [listening to less lewd music], but instead of feeling remorse, he felt condemned by God." He goes on to tell how he explained and pounded home the correct attitude toward the problematic sin, and how the good news addresses it every time. 

How can we do this with kids in our lives, whether as parents, family, or teachers? Here are four principles from this chapter:

1. Focus on who you are in Jesus-teaching kids how to act properly means teaching them to focus less on the sin behaviour and more on Jesus. 

2. Get beneath the surface- Klumpenhower uses the image of a shark. When you see a fin, its like seeing an external sinful behavior but the real problem is below the surface! Bottom line is that the real problem, the root is unbelief in Jesus and belief place on something else, usually unseen

3. Rely on the Holy Spirit-Behaviour changes simply do not happen at a heart level without the Spirit. Gal 5:16

4. Seek God himself- Getting to know God is the best way to know our sin, His forgiveness, and experience fruit of the Spirit. 

Notice in the list there is no mention of trying hard or adequate consequences, etc. I really appreciate that about Klumpenhower's book in that the goal of teaching and raising kids is making God the center, pointing kids to the Lord, before anything else!

A big question is this: Believing in Jesus is all well and good, but shouldn't kids try hard not to sin, and shouldn't there be a balance between the two?

Answer: "No...more trusting leads to more doing. There is no balance, as if too much trusting will hamper doing."

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