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Helping kids Fight Sin

This chapter is called the "The War on Sin and Bad Songs" because of a young man who came to the author, Jack, to talk about listening to what he called bad songs. If you read this chapter, he explains the exchanges that were had about how to fight sin with the right understanding of Jesus and himself. One quote that sums up his counsel is this, "Fighting sin was the right...

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Create an Environment of Good News for Kids!

Chapter 8 of Show Them Jesus helps us to see how to create and environment of grace and good news for kids!...

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Why is Jesus Better than Anything?

Off the top of your head, can you think of reasons why following Jesus is better than anything else? As I have asked kids that question, it always begins and ends with the same comment "So that we can go to heaven." Is that all Jesus is good for? I know that they have learned that, and it is a hope indescribable! But there is so much more about Jesus that is better than an...

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The Talking Donkey and Good News

Tips for teaching kids from the Old Testament...

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The good news softens hard hearts

We are all wired to reject the gospel due to our sin hardened hearts. But we should resort to nothing short of the good news that breaks and softens even the hardest, most stubborn people, even kids!...

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The "Gospel Day" Trap-Church kids need the gospel!

Chapter 3 of Show Them Jesus, Jesus himself is way better than any "Jesus program"...

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The Good News is Like Nothing Else!

Help kids see how the Gospel of Jesus is beyond their wildest imaginations...

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Jesus is everything kids need

Good Behavior, correct morals fall short of what kids need. They need Jesus and his transforming grace!...

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Show Them Jesus! The Gospel for Kids

The Kids Need the Gospel! This is the first in a series of posts reviewing and summarizing the book Show Them Jesus. ...

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